Positive effects of Cannabis

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Positive effects of Cannabis

When one goes on the Internet in search of ” cannabis positive effects “, one finds with particular satisfaction that the beneficial consequences of cannabis on health are so well known and so proven by medical science that… in some countries it is permissible to use this substance to produce drugs pain relievers.

These drugs resulting from the positive effects of cannabis are used for the chronically ill, or where there is a need to obtain real benefits that are relaxing for the patient or that help him to combat symptoms such as  depression  or anxiety.

In addition to the more acute and dangerous forms, positive health effects are also present in recreational cannabis. In both cases, these are absolutely legal products so you can benefit from  the positive effects of  cannabis in your spare time without special precautions.

Considering the richness of the theme, which year after year seems to be enriched with new encouraging ideas, we have chosen to investigate this topic linked to the beneficial effects of marijuana with a series of evaluations that we have chosen to share with you. So here’s what these positive cannabis effects are and how to take advantage of them in everyday life.

Cannabis positive effects: prevention for seizures

First of all, when we talk about the topic of ” cannabis positive effects “, we cannot fail to mention the fact that marijuana prevents seizures: if you suffer from panic attacks, or simply have seizures, perhaps you have already been prescribed drugs that exploit the  positive effects of cannabis.

In fact,  marijuana  is a natural relaxant and has  antispasmodic properties.  What does it mean? It simply means that thanks to its active ingredients and the substances that are contained within this product, the muscles relax and the spasms simply tend not to occur, or to do so to a lesser extent than previously, because the beneficial properties of this substance allow to avoid it effectively.

If you rediscover yourself in a dangerous situation or in any case suffer from even mild convulsions, even if you do not know how to manage them, know that medicine often offers these drugs to prevent convulsions and consequent trauma that can be very dangerous for your health. Speak to your doctor naturally, avoiding any kind of do-it-yourself approach.

Positive cannabis effects: cancer slowdown?

You may not know it, but among the beneficial effects there is also the fact of slowing down  the evolution of tumors. However, this is a benefit that we had to accompany with a question mark. If in fact some scholars affirm that different types of cancer could be “alleviated”, in their progression, by cannabis, it is also true that there are authoritative researches that refute this belief.

It is therefore much more likely that rather than slowing down tumors, cannabis can act as a substance capable of relieving the annoyances that are often associated with treatments for cancer, such as with chemotherapy. However, as part of the research, the American Cancer Research Association found that using  cannabis-based drugs could play a helping role, along with other therapies, in slowing the growth of tumors, particularly lungs, brain and breast.

In this way, the disease can be better managed and early action can be taken. Many of these drugs have also been approved by various national health systems around the world, and are usable by the chronically ill without any problems.

Marijuana beneficial effects: a help against chronic diseases

In chronic and incurable diseases, the positive effects of cannabis help manage the symptoms of pain and discomfort resulting from them.

In particular, in irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s disease,  THC can effectively treat diarrhea, nausea and abdominal pain.

Also in the United States, however, several cannabis-based drugs have been used and have achieved considerable success, so much so that in 1989 they came to prescribe more than one hundred thousand doses of these substances, to be taken in pill form.

The  beneficial effects of marijuana  were important for these patients: it gave them the ability to better manage their symptoms and at the same time live a normal life while fighting the disease. If you don’t have these problems, however, know that in case of nausea or diarrhea you can use cannabis-derived inflorescences to help you better control stomach problems in general.

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What is hemp tea and how to prepare it

Among the many products that can be made from cannabis there is also the hemp herbal tea, or a herbal tea that can draw its tastes and aromas from our favorite plant!

But is sativa hemp tea legal ? And why do many people search on the Internet for ” herbal hemp effects “? Which hemp leaf tea to use to get the best results

Even today we wanted to tackle this issue with decision, going to carry out a complete study that, we hope, will be useful in being able to improve your knowledge of this topic. Let’s find out together what it is!

Although important steps forward have been made over the years on the knowledge of this topic, thanks also to an Italian legislation that has finally opened in a more confident way towards this sector, there are still many people who are wondering if the herbal tea hemp is legal, and is it safe.

Of course, we can only answer both questions positively!

The herbal tea hemp is in fact a herbal tea that is realized through the Cannabis sativa, a variety of cannabis which is devoid of psychotropic substances, with extremely low levels of THC. We remind you that it is permissible to sell hemp-based products if the THC levels are lower than 0.2% (in some conditions, at 0.6%), and that all the products you find on CBD Express are strictly respectful of this legislation. In short, you will hardly have to worry about the traces of THC in the urine!

Therefore, we are still talking about a herbal tea based on a plant that respects the strict laws of the sector, and that will allow you to obtain all the benefits of the product, without fear of any unwanted effects.

Moreover, it will certainly not escape the most connoisseurs the fact that hemp sativa has long been used for this purpose even before the legislation currently in force, and that the first uses of cannabis sativa grown in our country are traced back to the period of the ancient Romans. (although, then, there was a particularly favorable acceleration in this sense during the medieval era).

With mixed fortunes, hemp crops have continued to spread to the present day, when many farmers have lawfully approached the sector, driven by the growing demand for quality cannabis.

As regards the dietary use of hemp, as occurs on the occasion of the hemp herbal tea, it should be noted how various institutional sources (and among them also a circular from the Ministry of Health) have emphasized its quality in terms of antisatisfactory effects and good amounts of omega 3 fatty acids.

What is hemp herbal tea

But what is hemp herbal tea ? What are we actually going to buy when we buy hemp herbal teas, such as those you can easily find on the market, even online?

The answer is certainly not a mystery. When you buy hemp herbal tea you are buying a preparation that is composed of very small crazy hemp sativa, often and willingly mixed with other components, which can give the herbal tea different aromas, nuances and olfactory references.

Hemp herbal tea: effects

But what are the effects of hemp herbal tea ? Does anyone who takes a sativa hemp-based herbal tea experience some particular effect or is it all limited to the aromatic pleasure of the taster?

In fact, it is useful to recall what we have already elaborated previously. Consuming hemp herbal tea means consuming a herbal tea that is made with a cannabis sativa compound, and therefore has no relevant level of THC.

It follows that there are no rather significant effects on the organism. However, there are all the benefits related to the use of hemp, such as those we have already mentioned not too many lines ago. Furthermore, we remember how for many people the main motivation linked to the consumption of hemp herbal teas is the pleasure of feeling a unique and recognizable vegetable taste in the mouth, which will release all its pleasure, sip after sip.

How to prepare a hemp tea?

But how do you prepare a hemp tea ? Are there any particular indications that should be followed, or can you proceed as with the preparation of any herbal tea?

In reality, between the two orientations, we are much closer to the second than to the first: unless there are particularly specific references on the product packaging to different methods of preparation and tasting, those who want to prepare hemp herbal tea can limit themselves to proceed as in the case of preparing any other herbal tea.

Much depends on the way in which the hemp tea is sold. In most cases you can in fact limit yourself to leaving the filter to infuse for the indicated amount of minutes. If, on the other hand, you have purchased a loose preparation, keep in mind that the correct proportion is to use 1 and a half teaspoons of coffee per single cup of water (about 200 – 220 ml).

As far as the infusion time is concerned, it is usually recommended to leave the filter or the mixture (in the above quantities) immersed for about 5 minutes, in water close to a boiling temperature (90 – 95 degrees).

Here are some pointers to get the best results from your next hemp tea.

With this opportunity, we invite you to take a look at the catalog of hemp herbal tea products and cannabis sativa derivatives that you find on our website, such as these excellent marijuana cookies. It will be the right opportunity to realize how wide the assortment of hemp-based products can be, and how simple and advantageous it is to place an order online.

And if you still have doubts, all you have to do is contact us: it will be our pleasure to talk directly with you about what you can do in order to maximize the benefits you can get from the best hemp herbal tea of your life!

medical cannabis specialn report

Medical hemp: pathologies that benefit from it

Year after year, more and more scientific researches take stock of the qualities of medical cannabis, and the properties that this substance can guarantee to our body in order to prevent and combat a long number of diseases.

Well, in this study we wanted to take stock of this very topic, illustrating the positive impacts that medical hemp can guarantee against a wide range of more or less serious pathologies. Let’s find out together!

Medical hemp as an anti-cancer therapy

Let’s start with what is probably the most important advantage, and which represents the greatest progress in the social field to date: there are in fact numerous studies that show that medical cannabis can be a valid therapy against cancer.

In particular, a study conducted by the Complutense University of Madrid has discovered that cannabinoids have an anticancer effect that can act in three contemporary ways: inducing the death of cancer cells, preventing the generation of blood vessels that make it possible to send nutrients between cancer cells (avoiding, in other words, the tumor to self-feed) and decreasing the ability of cancer cells to move and invade other tissues.

Other studies have also underlined how medical cannabis is actually able to eliminate cancerous cells, while protecting healthy ones and, therefore, elevating itself to a possible cure without harmful effects on the health of the organism.

Marijuana medicine: Alzheimer’s disease

Another large group of benefits that Italian medical cannabis appears to be able to bring is that against Azheimer’s disease. Also in this case, the most advanced research seems to come from Spain, where more than 10 years ago it was shown that cannabinoids have great anti-inflammatory properties, such as to be able to reduce the process that determines swelling, and protect neurons.

Beyond these neuroprotective properties, using cannabinoids to treat Alzheimer’s can also help alleviate other types of problems that can generally appear at the same time, giving better well-being to the patient who is affected.

Cannabis medicine: epilepsy

Another treatment that could open up interesting scenarios in the near future is related to the fact that medical hemp extract appears to be effective in helping to reduce seizures in people suffering from epilepsy and, particularly, in children.

In the American market, for example, a new product based on marijuana extract is being launched, which contains cannabidiol, and which seems to be able to give a particularly important and positive result within a few months of the first intake, in terms of reduction. the frequency of seizures. In fact, after three months, 10% of patients show that they no longer have seizures, while one in two patients claimed to have had a reduction of at least half of the seizures.

Marijuana Medicine: Drug and Medication Addictions

Medical cannabis could then be very useful for treating conditions of addiction to opiates, substances that – although they may be effective against many diseases, are actually candidates for creating deep conditions of addiction.

Well, medical cannabis could actually become an effective and safe pain reliever, helping opiate addicts detoxify. In fact, medical cannabis has a particularly high level of safety compared to most drugs for the treatment of pain, on the market, while the side effects are rather light and, in any case, certainly not comparable to those that can instead be experienced by opiates..

Medical hemp and multiple sclerosis

The intervention of medical cannabis against multiple sclerosis also appears to be quite promising. However, it is also good not to jump to conclusions too hasty, and to remember that when it comes to using cannabis on multiple sclerosis patients, there are many uncertainties about the actual benefits, in relation to the side effects.

However, multiple sclerosis sufferers are known to suffer from permanent muscle contraction and spasms, as well as severe pain and difficulty in finding restful sleep. The drugs that are traditionally used to treat these symptoms are usually not very effective, and therefore many of the patients – where they could – have opted for the consumption of cannabis.

In this scenario, several studies have shown that patients involved in the use of these products would have achieved a concrete improvement in the progression of the disease.

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Damping off in cannabis crops: what is it and how to prevent it?

Few growers may have gotten rid of the so-called Damping Off , also called fungal wilt seedbed disease. It is quite common, from one moment to another we find our small seedlings lying on the substrate and with the stem bent. And in 90% of cases, the plant ends up dying.

It is a cryptogamic disease , that is, a plant disease that is caused by a fungus or any other parasitic filamentous organism. And not because of a specific fungus, but there can be several such as Botrytis, Phythium, Fusarium or Sclerotinia.

The spores of these fungi are generally found in all types of unsterilized substrate. Or it is enough that in a sterilized one, favorable conditions are met for its development, so that the spores invade it. Lack of ventilation, always flooded substrate, high temperatures and high humidity, are breeding grounds for all types of fungus.

Damping Off generally attacks seeds and young seedlings in their first days of life. And in the vast majority of cases in seedlings, it attacks the stem in the shallow area of ​​the substrate. With the vulnerability shown by the stem of a young plant, as we say, the plant in most cases ends up dying.


The seeds can be infected by any of the fungi that cause Damping Off. In this case it usually causes it to darken and soften, killing it even before it can germinate.

When it attacks seedlings, it produces a whitish spot on the stem at ground level. The fine stem thins, bends, and finally breaks, laying the seedling on the substrate.

By affecting the vascular vessels of the stem, the supply of nutrients and water decreases, later showing the leaves a flaccid appearance, as if they lacked irrigation.

How to avoid damping-off?

We have already seen which were the factors that most influence the appearance of this group of so lethal fungi. So we will try as much as possible to avoid them. For example, grow in well ventilated and not very shady areas.

Dark-colored pots should also be avoided outdoors, since they overheat in the sun and this temperature is transferred to the substrate. In addition, you should avoid watering in excess or doing it in the hours of sun or maximum daytime heat.

And with regard to the substrate, always use a preferably sterilized substrate. And if it is not possible, at least use a well composted substrate , since decomposing organic debris attracts many pathogens.

Can damping off be treated?

Being such an aggressive disease and that it attacks during short periods (germination and first days of the seedling), the possible treatments do not usually act in time. The best weapon will always be prevention.

It also spreads very quickly, so if several plants are grown, it is not surprising that they all have the same conditions. If it develops in one, let us fear for all the others.

It is convenient to discard the substrate of a plant attacked by Damping Off, as well as to disinfect the pot well before using it again

The Trichoderma fungus is very effective, widely used for the treatment of seeds and soil for the control of various diseases caused by pathogenic fungi.

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How to grow cannabis indoors according to genetics?

You could say that all cannabis strains can be grown indoors, but not all can be grown outdoors.

You could say that all cannabis strains can be grown indoors, but not all can be grown outdoors. In Atlantic climates, for example, long-flowering sativa varieties under normal conditions would have serious difficulties to finish their flowering in the months of November or December, since they are areas in which autumns are usually more like winters.

But indoors, certain varieties can be a headache for any grower, since we will struggle with a limited space in all its dimensions, mainly in height. But all this will be easier if you take into account some aspects.

Indic varieties and indic dominance hybrids

They are undoubtedly the most recommended varieties for indoors. They are usually compact growing plants and medium / low stretch. Genetics such as Northern Light, Hindu Kush, Black Domina, Super Skunk or Critical Mass are some of the most mythical varieties grown with artificial lights.

Whether starting from seed or cutting, it is very rare that they cause problems with their height or excessive growth. They are also the most appropriate for the high-performance SOG technique, although not so much for other techniques that require pruning or guidance such as SCROG or Main Lining.

They have a tendency to columnar growth and are not usually excessively branched. When starting from seed, around 4-5 weeks the plants can go to flowering, harvesting in another 7-9 weeks. The effects are mainly relaxing.

Sativa and hybrid varieties with indic / sativa dominance

They are at the other extreme, since they are undoubtedly the most complicated varieties and not recommended for beginning growers. In a short time after germination, they will show sometimes exaggerated growth. They are also highly branched plants, so an excess of plants per m2 can cause both height problems and competition between them. Haze, Amnesia, Kali Mist, AK47, Super Silver Haze or Jack Herer are great indoor classics.

Its cultivation is practically impossible if some cultivation technique is not used that limits vertical growth in exchange for promoting horizontal growth. Both SCROG, as Main Lining or Super Cropping, are the most used. Also the SOG when starting from cuttings, but taking into account that a small 10cm cutting can be transferred to flowering can exceed 50cm in the first weeks of this phase.

They are neither varieties for impatient nor for those who first of all seek production. Those with longer blooms can last up to 16 weeks just flowering, to which must be added about 5-6 weeks of growth since they also generally take longer to mature sexually than indica. In other words, in the duration of a 16-week flora cultivation of a sativa, 2 crops of a fast indica could be grown.

Indica / sativa hybrids

Indica / sativa hybrids are a middle ground. They are not as overgrown as sativas, nor are they as compact as indica. But you still have to take into account their growth, which is also usually fast and abundant. Varieties such as White Widow, Skunk or Chronic are preferred indoors.

They are suitable for both seed and cutting crops. They are usually adapted to any cultivation technique, having the same facility to concentrate the production in generous apicals in SOG cultures, or to branch and cover large cultivation spaces in SCROG or Main Lining cultures.

Flowering periods are usually around 8-9 weeks, being more typical of indica than sativas. The effects are also usually balanced, neither overly relaxing nor overly active.

can MJ cause Obesity

Is it possible to treat Obesity with the Marijuana plant?

Medical marijuana is believed to be helpful for people with various health problems, sleep problems, and stress, aiding in treatments like cancer or epilepsy. There are many possible uses of medical or therapeutic marijuana for adults, children, and even pets, and even more are yet to be discovered, as researchers believe that we are still well below the capacity of the marijuana plant. And one of the newest ideas on how to benefit from using medical marijuana has to do with weight management.

Does the marijuana plant make it thinner?

A group of scientists at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center suggests that marijuana may be beneficial in lowering your blood sugar level. Further research showed that cannabis can also speed up your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories without excessive effort. And while it is a common opinion that cannabis stimulates appetite, this fact does not mean that marijuana smokers overeat on a regular basis.

The fact that some of the strains can calm the mind and relax your body enough to be very relaxed, calm and anxiety-free, which makes us not constantly want to dock the fridge. People don’t eat when they sleep, do they?

How Can Marijuana Help You Lose Weight?

The marijuana can help you lose some extra kilos. However, according to a recent study conducted by a group of researchers at Cornell University and San Diego State University, this beneficial side effect of marijuana use has less to do with marijuana itself.

Marijuana Exercises

Exercises are an integral part of the weight loss process. According to a study published in the journal Futuro Medicinal Chemistry, cannabis contains chemical compounds that are similar to the natural endorphins of the human body. Additionally, the marijuana plant has an anti-inflammatory effect, making marijuana users more likely to develop a higher pain threshold. And this means that it will be easier for you to go through a tough workout without any further hassle.

Food made with Marijuana

And thanks to some manufacturers, you don’t really need to smoke marijuana in order to get a little slimmer. There are plenty of low-calorie, sugar-free, and fat-free edible foods made from marijuana. So even though obesity isn’t on the updated list of medical marijuana-treated conditions yet, you might at least give it a try.

The importance of the specialist doctor

But nothing is impossible, and it is not necessary to treat obesity with marijuana, it is important to deal with a doctor who specializes in this matter, follow his recommendations, contact an endocrine and follow a strict diet of food and exercise, because also exercising is vitally important to lose weight and stay fit.

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Marijuana can improve women’s health

There are many possibilities to do business with marijuana, and every day there are new opportunities to work with the marijuana plant. Marijuana-related products improve and new products come out that can help us in some of our needs, especially in relation to women’s health. Women are a very high percentage when it comes to marijuana use, it is not the same as the male gender but it is close.

In both women and men, the cannabinoids in marijuana interact in the endocannabinoid system and play a very important role in our health. This endocannabinoid system has a very important role in the receptor systems, influencing the central and peripheral nervous systems, altering memory, mood, pain sensation, appetite.

Most important cannabinoids THC and CBD

Marijuana and the cannabinoids associated with it, the most important being THC and CBD, can affect many parts of the human body, improving them in some cases and making them worse in others, depending on the use that is given.

If marijuana is treated with respect, moderate and disease-oriented consumption can do a lot of good for the body. But if the marijuana plant is used for recreational use without any control, in an excessive and abusive way, the consequences can be disastrous.

Marijuana and its use as medical marijuana is more than proven

Marijuana and its use as medical marijuana is more than proven, being able to help the endocannabinoid system. The doses of medical marijuana for certain discomforts can vary according to the person, since there are people who with a low dose is more than enough and others are not worth it. Also depending on the variety of marijuana that is being consumed, that is why it is important to have medical help, but in the topic of doctors and marijuana is not yet highly developed.

Marijuana can help in the physical state of people

Marijuana can help in the physical state of people, since it can improve motivation when practicing a sport. The THC of marijuana can accumulate in body fat, making it necessary for every time we exercise and the body needs energy to take it from the accumulated fat and we can also take THC making us improve the performance of our training. There are some varieties of marijuana that can help when doing sports such as Kalimist, Superilverhaze, Destroyer, Hawaiian snow, cotton candy and critical super silver haze.

Marijuana to be able to replace the dream

We can also take a strain of marijuana to be able to rest the dream and after exercising take it to enjoy a restful sleep. Taking this type of marijuana varieties we will be able to prolong the sleep phase, thus improving, repairing the body of the exercise done and making it rest.

We can choose sedative varieties that relax and help sleep like Taskenty, White Rhino, Great White Shark, Sensi Star, Medicine Man from the Mr. Nice seed bank, the latter is called the Valium of marijuana.

Can help restore physical strength after a workout

The marijuana plant depending on which variety of marijuana you take can help restore physical strength after a hard workout. We can choose a variety of relaxing marijuana that consumed before going to sleep can prolong our deep sleep phase, thus improving our rest, thus making our body recover and gain more strength through rest.

The marijuana plant can relieve menstrual pain

Some varieties of marijuana are excellent for the relief of menstrual pain, since many women experience real pain every time they get it once a month. In many cases, medical marijuana can provide a solution to the problem that many women have. With just a few puffs of marijuana it is possible to turn around the harsh menstrual pain.

In the market there are products made with marijuana that help not to have these effects, you can vaporize marijuana and avoid those pains, or simply take a marijuana infusion and we will achieve the same result.

Well applied and well used marijuana can help a lot of people who need it, making them feel much better and being able to alleviate their ailments. We always say the same thing, use marijuana as long as our doctor is aware of it and can follow us up.

The most resistant cannabis varieties

The most resistant cannabis varieties

The resistance of different marijuana varieties depends on certain specific genetic characteristics. Obviously, both growers and seed banks try to breed the most resistant varieties to obtain crops that are easier to control in all respects.

Regular, feminized and auto-flowering

In general, the regular varieties are considered the most resistant. However, there is a wide variety of feminized and auto-flowering seeds that are also very resistant to pests, bad weather or excesses and deficiencies of various kinds.

Regardless of whether the plant is regular, feminized or auto-flowering, the hybrid varieties are considered more resistant than the so-called “pure” ones. This is because hybrids can combine characteristics from several genetics to bring together the best features of each genetics. In addition, the so-called hybrid vigour makes these descendants more vigorous in their vegetative development than their closest parents.

The most resistant cannabis varieties

Indicas and sativas

It should be borne in mind that Indicas and Sativas genetics have specific varieties that make them more resistant to certain problems. For example, sativa varieties have a flowering that, because of its specific characteristics, is much more resistant to fungal pests. On the other hand, Indica varieties have a compact structure that makes them more resistant to airborne shocks. In addition, Indicas also resist better nutritional and irrigation deficiencies, while sativas need more irrigation and more nutrition.

This makes some hybrids have indicas characteristics in terms of structure, but a sativa flowering that makes it more resistant to rain and the consequent appearance of fungi.

5 more resistant varieties

Power Plant

This genetics of South African descent has been bred since the 1990s to enhance its production and resistance to fungal pests. An ideal variety for growers looking for ease of cultivation and maximum yield.

The most particular feature is that it has obtained a sativa flowering resistant to mold, but shorter than usual in the sativas. In just 8 weeks of flowering, Power Plant will be ready to harvest, with huge buds that will give off a powerful kush smell.

Colombian Gold

This variety is a genetic lineage from Colombia that has been used to produce countless hybrids. Colombian Gold has adapted for centuries to the climate of the mountains of northern Colombia, making it very resistant to cold, humidity, wind and rain. In addition, in production it does not remain behind being a good option to make profitable your culture and to enjoy the sweet and humid flavor of this variety.


This genetics is a mostly Indian hybrid, of fast flowering, very resistant to all kinds of pests and of vigorous growth. In addition, its vegetative structure is compact and highly branched. Ideal for commercial crops and for the reproduction of cuttings. If you are looking for a resistant, productive and very profitable variety, that is without a doubt Matanus-k.

Super Silver Haze

This mythical genetics is the result of combining the best characteristics of well-known classics such as Skunk, Haze and Northern Lights. The fruit obtained is a very productive variety, resistant to pests and diseases. Flowering is a little longer than its competitors in this list, and requires more feeding; but its taste of sugar cane and its huge buds will make the wait worthwhile.

Sweet Thai

If we’re talking about resistant strains, Sweet Thai couldn’t miss it. This genetics comes from a lineage that has evolved over hundreds of years in the Thai rainforests, with high humidity, heat and pests of all kinds. As a result, it is a strain that can withstand whatever is thrown at it. The only problem is its long flowering period, which can last until December. Therefore, if you grow in a geographical area with short summers, you have a serious problem to get to grow this magnificent variety.