There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the legality of cannabis use but with each passing day, we see that the health experts are accepting marijuana to be legal for its various benefits. In fact, medical marijuana is legal in several states of the United States; however, you would have to possess an identity card as a proof that you really need to use the drug for medicinal purpose.

Generally, when we talk about cannabis, we think about some hippy guys who smoke weed to get high. The use of cannabis is not limited to giving youngsters a high but they are now widely used for medical reasons. There are several health benefits that can be achieved by smoking pot which you might know. If you smoke weed in optimum quantity, you can get its benefits. On the contrary, if you heavily smoke pot, you might get its side effects.

An interesting fact that you may be unaware of is that cannabis can trigger allergy in allergic people. Both the smoke from burning pot and pollen of raw plants act as an allergen for allergic people. It is not very common that we see people getting allergic to marijuana pollen and smoke but the number seems to be on an increasing trend. The symptoms of weed allergy are sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, fever, and occasional hives.

Smoking pot seems beneficial to many but there are not many people that know that it may also cause paranoia in certain people. Researchers are working hard to find out negative side effects of marijuana so that they can come out with complete truth. It is also known that some people may start vomiting when they take weed and it can be uncontrollable. There is no record on how many people suffer from these problems as cannabis s not largely legal. However, continuous efforts made by health experts and scientists give out different results.

There is a popular story that is doing the rounds which suggest that William Shakespeare also smoked marijuana. An anthropologist claimed that he found a pipe in the garden of Shakespeare which had residual marijuana in its fragments. To substantiate his claim, he sought permission to dig his grave so that he can find signs of marijuana use from his nails or hairs but he was not granted permission for the same. We cannot say whether it is a myth or a fact but this story is still popular among some people.

There are certain other surprising facts about marijuana that are not popular among people. The debate is still on to prove whether weed is largely beneficial or harmful. The legality of cannabis use in about 28 states of the US suggests that other states will soon follow suit to legalize the use of pot for public benefits. Most of the states where pot is legal require the user to possess a proof from his doctor which suggests that he needs to use marijuana as it is best suited for him. People who possess weed illegally might have to face legal action.

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Additional Features Of The Pax 3 Portable Vaporizer

Moreover, it also has a vibration setting that indicates if your vaporizer is ready for use. It heats up on your lips, but cools down when it is not. Therefore, the above mentioned features make the Pax 3 the most ideal and the easiest to operate herbal vaporizer at present. It is easier for the user to load the oven of the Pax 3 since it has 3 various ways on how one can do it. You can either do the full pack oven, the half pack oven, and the built-in concentrate insert. Obviously, if you have a full pack oven, you can conveniently use the vape for the longest amount of time and the heat ups are almost instantaneous. However, the concentrate insert does not fall far behind in terms of the length of your vaping sessions and the quality and density of the vapor that it produces. Nevertheless, the Pax 3 is a worthy buy, especially if you are looking for nothing less than the best with very minimal weak points. If you have noticed, the disadvantages aren’t discussed since the Pax 3 has barely any of them and if there are weaknesses, it is not connected with how this vaporizer actually functions.

The Boundless CFX  Vaporizer is one of the quickest heating vaporizers on the market with a heat up time of less than 20 seconds. With this kind of time freedom you can use the CFX as a session vaporizer. The CFX has a solid feel with just the right amount of weight (7.3 ounces, or 206 grams).  The air path is completely sealed from the electronics and can be verified by covering the air intake holes on the bottom of the unit. Pack the CFX any way you want, it will vaporize it!  I have gotten similar and consistent results from ground or unground herbs, small or large loads, as well as packed or fluffy loads.

The plastic outer shell has some textured lines that feel good in the hand. The lid and mouthpiece do a great job of cooling down the vapor to a nice, comfortable level even at the highest temperatures. This might be the easiest vaporizer you will ever used.  If you can put herbs into a chamber and push a button, you can be vaporizing in seconds!  You won’t need to break out the instruction manual or hold a class to share it with your friends.  If they have  ever used a straw before, they are fully equipped to use the CFX!

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The CFX comes with a 1.7 inch screen that displays two dashboard speedometer style readouts, one for temperature and one for session time, as well as a four bar battery indicator.  The temperature ranges from 100F to 430F (28C to 221C) and the session timer ends at five minutes.  Next to the screen are the up and down buttons, and around the corner on the side is the power button.

When you turn on the Boundless CFX  Vaporizer, the ceramic bowl gets heated below the herbs and the heat conducts up the ceramic walls of the loading chamber. This conduction heat quickly brings the herbs to temp and produces the first, flavorful draws.

The CFX comes with two internal, non-replaceable lithium batteries that provide anywhere from 10 to 15 sessions, depending on the temperature used during the session.  The unit can be charged via a Micro USB cable or the supplied wall adapter for a faster charge time (between thirty minutes and an hour).

Cleaning the CFX is simple, standard and really the only things needing regular cleaning with  are the oven and the mouthpiece.  Use the supplied brush to wipe out the oven after every session while it is still warm and the unit won’t need anything further for a long time.

The  CFX is one of those vaporizers that is good for just about anyone.  Starters will love how easy it is to use.  Experienced vaporists will love the quality of the portable vapor that comes at this price with this quick of a heat up time.  It is  inexpensive, works really well and is very easy to use. Get your Boundless CFX  Vaporizer Today !, you won’t regret purchasing  it .

The Arkansas chapter of NORML is a citizen action group. It is an official affiliate of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. As such it is one of more than a hundred local chapters throughout the nation and world.

Our goal is the re-legalization of the Cannabis hemp plant, and the decriminalization of marijuana for both personal and medical uses. In order to reach these goals, we organize ourselves under the right to assemble. Meetings of ArkNORML are held bi-monthly in Little Rock, the capitol city of Arkansas. A group newsletter is published shortly before each meeting, and sent to every member either by postal or e-mail.

Members of ArkNORML are asked to use any legal means necessary to change the unjust laws of our nation and state in regards to  hemp and the special herb, marijuana. Educate the people, write to your representatives and your local newspaper, call the Governor and demonstrate at events of opportunity, all are examples of citizen activists at work.

One thing is certain; if we do nothing, we can expect no change. For the ring of power does not lie long in the dust. If good people do not pick it up and either use it or destroy it, then surely evil people will pick it up utilize it for their ends. The awesome power of the state can and will eliminate every freedom that you hold dear. Pick up the ring of power Frodo, and fight for your rights to life, liberty, and a pursuit of happiness!

Get ye to a NORML meeting!