The Boundless CFX  Vaporizer is one of the quickest heating vaporizers on the market with a heat up time of less than 20 seconds. With this kind of time freedom you can use the CFX as a session vaporizer. The CFX has a solid feel with just the right amount of weight (7.3 ounces, or 206 grams).  The air path is completely sealed from the electronics and can be verified by covering the air intake holes on the bottom of the unit. Pack the CFX any way you want, it will vaporize it!  I have gotten similar and consistent results from ground or unground herbs, small or large loads, as well as packed or fluffy loads.

The plastic outer shell has some textured lines that feel good in the hand. The lid and mouthpiece do a great job of cooling down the vapor to a nice, comfortable level even at the highest temperatures. This might be the easiest vaporizer you will ever used.  If you can put herbs into a chamber and push a button, you can be vaporizing in seconds!  You won’t need to break out the instruction manual or hold a class to share it with your friends.  If they have  ever used a straw before, they are fully equipped to use the CFX!

If you want to find out where to buy the Boundless CFX Vaporizer then check out our partner site that we have linked to in this article for more information.

The CFX comes with a 1.7 inch screen that displays two dashboard speedometer style readouts, one for temperature and one for session time, as well as a four bar battery indicator.  The temperature ranges from 100F to 430F (28C to 221C) and the session timer ends at five minutes.  Next to the screen are the up and down buttons, and around the corner on the side is the power button.

When you turn on the Boundless CFX  Vaporizer, the ceramic bowl gets heated below the herbs and the heat conducts up the ceramic walls of the loading chamber. This conduction heat quickly brings the herbs to temp and produces the first, flavorful draws.

The CFX comes with two internal, non-replaceable lithium batteries that provide anywhere from 10 to 15 sessions, depending on the temperature used during the session.  The unit can be charged via a Micro USB cable or the supplied wall adapter for a faster charge time (between thirty minutes and an hour).

Cleaning the CFX is simple, standard and really the only things needing regular cleaning with  are the oven and the mouthpiece.  Use the supplied brush to wipe out the oven after every session while it is still warm and the unit won’t need anything further for a long time.

The  CFX is one of those vaporizers that is good for just about anyone.  Starters will love how easy it is to use.  Experienced vaporists will love the quality of the portable vapor that comes at this price with this quick of a heat up time.  It is  inexpensive, works really well and is very easy to use. Get your Boundless CFX  Vaporizer Today !, you won’t regret purchasing  it .