How to grow cannabis indoors according to genetics?

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How to grow cannabis indoors according to genetics?

You could say that all cannabis strains can be grown indoors, but not all can be grown outdoors.

You could say that all cannabis strains can be grown indoors, but not all can be grown outdoors. In Atlantic climates, for example, long-flowering sativa varieties under normal conditions would have serious difficulties to finish their flowering in the months of November or December, since they are areas in which autumns are usually more like winters.

But indoors, certain varieties can be a headache for any grower, since we will struggle with a limited space in all its dimensions, mainly in height. But all this will be easier if you take into account some aspects.

Indic varieties and indic dominance hybrids

They are undoubtedly the most recommended varieties for indoors. They are usually compact growing plants and medium / low stretch. Genetics such as Northern Light, Hindu Kush, Black Domina, Super Skunk or Critical Mass are some of the most mythical varieties grown with artificial lights.

Whether starting from seed or cutting, it is very rare that they cause problems with their height or excessive growth. They are also the most appropriate for the high-performance SOG technique, although not so much for other techniques that require pruning or guidance such as SCROG or Main Lining.

They have a tendency to columnar growth and are not usually excessively branched. When starting from seed, around 4-5 weeks the plants can go to flowering, harvesting in another 7-9 weeks. The effects are mainly relaxing.

Sativa and hybrid varieties with indic / sativa dominance

They are at the other extreme, since they are undoubtedly the most complicated varieties and not recommended for beginning growers. In a short time after germination, they will show sometimes exaggerated growth. They are also highly branched plants, so an excess of plants per m2 can cause both height problems and competition between them. Haze, Amnesia, Kali Mist, AK47, Super Silver Haze or Jack Herer are great indoor classics.

Its cultivation is practically impossible if some cultivation technique is not used that limits vertical growth in exchange for promoting horizontal growth. Both SCROG, as Main Lining or Super Cropping, are the most used. Also the SOG when starting from cuttings, but taking into account that a small 10cm cutting can be transferred to flowering can exceed 50cm in the first weeks of this phase.

They are neither varieties for impatient nor for those who first of all seek production. Those with longer blooms can last up to 16 weeks just flowering, to which must be added about 5-6 weeks of growth since they also generally take longer to mature sexually than indica. In other words, in the duration of a 16-week flora cultivation of a sativa, 2 crops of a fast indica could be grown.

Indica / sativa hybrids

Indica / sativa hybrids are a middle ground. They are not as overgrown as sativas, nor are they as compact as indica. But you still have to take into account their growth, which is also usually fast and abundant. Varieties such as White Widow, Skunk or Chronic are preferred indoors.

They are suitable for both seed and cutting crops. They are usually adapted to any cultivation technique, having the same facility to concentrate the production in generous apicals in SOG cultures, or to branch and cover large cultivation spaces in SCROG or Main Lining cultures.

Flowering periods are usually around 8-9 weeks, being more typical of indica than sativas. The effects are also usually balanced, neither overly relaxing nor overly active.

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