The quarterly meeting of ArkNORML has been rescheduled to Thursday, March 23, at 6:30 pm.  The location is the downtown LR main Library, 1rst floor west meeting room. 
   Members and interested citizens are asked to bring letters to Congressmen in support of the two major reforms: Medical Marijuana by Barney Frank, and Agricultural Hemp by Ron Paul of Texas.  Letters to editor, state reps, Senators or anyone in authority are also welcome as “evidence of activism”.
Write your Congressman to support:
States Rights to Medical Marijuana Act- HR 2087
The Industrial Hemp Farming Act- HR 3037
    NORML has a new chapter coordinator, Karen Malovrh from Philidelphia.  She says that ArkNORML is good to continue as an affiliate of the national group.  Also UA NORML is now recognized as an affiliate chapter on the website at
   Chapter dues are still just $10/year.   We should consider adding a requirement that all members engage in some kind of activism on at least a yearly basis.  State membership includes a first year trial membership in NORML. 
    I’m considering filing the following decrim bill with the attorney general and Secretary of State as an initiated act.  The cost however is $70 and we only have $28 in the bank.  So if anyone would like to renew their membership or make a contribution, now would be a good time. The bill is modeled after the Oregon decrim act of 1972.  Also copies of the act can be sent to your state rep of Senator. It is not too early to start lobbying for this needed reform in the 2007 legilative session.
                       In Solidarity, Glen Schwarz, Pres. ArkNORML 2006


                                                           ArkNORML POB 191031, LR AR 72219
                                                            (501) 568-1598      January 2001
A Proposed Act:  “To lessen the criminal penalties for simple possession of small amounts of marijuana.”

Be it enacted by the legislature of the State of Arkansas:

Section 1:  Arkansas Statute 5-64-401 is hereby amended by adding a new
subsection as follows:

“(g)  Any person who knowingly or intentionally is in unlawful
possession of one ounce (28.4 grams) or  less of marijuana is guilty of
a violation, punishable by a fine of not more than $200.”

Section 2:  All laws and parts of laws in conflict with this act are
hereby repealed.


Posted: October 28, 2005

Every member and supporter of NORML is asked to undertake some project of activism. As a citizen, the act of writing your Congressman regularly can magnify your voice many times over the simple act of voting once every few years. We have made progress this session to have two bills in Congress that address current issues of reform.

1. The Industrial Hemp Farming Act- HR 3037; Contact your Congressman to ask for support of this landmark legislation. Hemp is the oldest and most versatile plant known to mankind. The current policy of our government amounts to genocide against a plant species, bankruptcy for small farmers and protein starvation for millions. Congressman Ron Paul of Texas needs your support to end this insane prohibition.

2. States Rights to Medical Marijuana Act- HR 2087; Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts will try for the third time to establish the rights of 12 states to regulate their own citizens, doctors and enforcement efforts in regards to the compassionate usage of the herb of Cannabis hemp. None of the fascist prohibitionists in the Arkansas delegation has ever cast a “yes” vote for this reform.

3. Letters to the editor- Write cogent letters to the editor of your local or state newspaper. Also we have some members who are in publicity sensitive jobs. So we need to start a letters exchange, where a public member might edit another members letter and sign off on it as their own. Most newspapers allow a letter per month from patrons.

4. Local initiatives- City and county police enforce these bad laws. Why? The enforcement of marijuana laws is counterproductive and actually contributes to a growing disrespect for the rule of law. Talk to city and county officials about deprioritizing marijuana law enforcement as has been done in 4 other cities around the nation. If the directors don’t move, then we will go to the people with a local initiative.

5. State legislature- The Baptist controlled statehouse did not even introduce a reform in the last session. But call your state rep and Senator anyway and ask why not? Or better yet, file for the office yourself.

In Solidarity, Glen Schwarz
ArkNORML Pres.2005