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What are marijuana seeds and how are they classified?

What are marijuana seeds and how are they classified?

Marijuana cultivation has become a widespread practice in various parts of the world, where production for recreational or medicinal purposes is encouraged. The self-consumption and commercialization of cannabis for these purposes has increased in countries like Uruguay, Holland, Colombia or Mexico.

Even the Charrúa nation became in 2014 the first country in the world to legalize and establish a regulation for the production, distribution and consumption of marijuana, which opened the debate on crops.

Under certain circumstances, cannabis activity is not punishable by law. However, in other places, penalties can be very stiff.

The stages for growing marijuana include adapting the environment for plant growth, flowering, drying and tasting. The yield and optimal qualities of the crop will depend on the care given to it from the beginning.

That is to say, from the choice of the seed, special attention must be paid to ensure that each phase of development is carried out efficiently. There is a wide variety of seeds available on the market to obtain various types of cannabis.

What are marijuana seeds and how are they classified?

Sexual reproduction

There are companies like GeaSeeds, which through its portal has specimens of marijuana seeds, feminized seeds and autoflowering seeds. On the website we can find marijuana seed banks like Auto Amnesia, Jack Orange, Sperm Whale, Train Wreck, Lima Haze and everything related to Cannabis.

When asked what marijuana seeds are, it is important to explain that they are the form of sexual reproduction of cannabis. Marijuana produces male and female plants alike.

The former have the capacity to generate pollen, while the latter, being egg producers, are fertilized due to the pollen that has been produced. Over time, the cannabis seed is born and then forms a new specimen.

Experts in the field say that, due to genetic inheritance, the “parents” chosen must be strong and healthy, which will allow for high-quality progeny.

Hybrids and family crosses

A large percentage of the marijuana seeds are hybrids obtained from crosses between the major cannabis families. These include Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis.

In the world of marijuana cultivation there are still pure specimens that have not been crossed with others. These are known as purebreds. There are also other varieties that have been crossed only between themselves, known as IBL or InBrided Line.

In general, there are 3 types of seeds: regular, feminized and autoflowering. The regular ones are the traditional ones, which are used to produce both male and female plants.

Feminized seeds have been genetically manipulated so that they can only produce female plants, which has been a major advance in the industry, as it allows growers to save time and space.

As for the autoflowering plants, they are crossed with the Ruderalis family, so they do not depend on the photoperiod to flower. These specimens enter the phase once they reach maturity.

Cannabis use has reached such a level that it is common to hold special events where companies dedicated to this sector showcase their advances in the cultivation and production of cannabis.

One of the most renowned events is the Spannabis Barcelona Fair, which will be held at the Fira de Cornellá on 9, 10 and 11 March. More information about Spannabis can be found on the GeaSeeds website.

The seeds exhibit particular characteristics that, depending on their type, can be more or less dark and vary in size. The appearance of the seed is the main indicator to know if it is a quality specimen.

A good cannabis crop starts with choosing quality seeds, so you have to know how to identify them and get an optimal harvest.

What are the best outdoor marijuana seeds?

What are the best outdoor marijuana seeds?

This is a question every grower has asked himself at one time or another, especially as the outdoor growing season approaches. There are numerous online listings of the varieties best suited for different types of crops and purposes such as: Heavyweight seeds, Green House seeds, Haute Genetique, Hero seeds. Today we want to show you some of the best varieties to grow outdoors, based on their resistance, their speed of growth and the climatic zone in which they will grow.

The importance of climate to choose your outdoor seeds

Cannabis is a fairly hardy plant that adapts very well to almost all kinds of conditions. Marijuana plants can be found in everything from the tropics to the Russian steppes, Africa, India and Australia. This incredible ability to adapt is what will help us choose the best marijuana variety to grow in your geographical area.

When choosing seeds to grow outdoors, it is essential to take into account the type of climate, and choose varieties whose origin comes from similar climatic zones. In this way, the plants will be in growing conditions as close as possible to their ideal environment. The more sativa varieties, of tropical origin, will be difficult to adapt to the climatic conditions of continental areas, due to their longer flowering period.

Top 5 Strains to Grow Outdoors

The best seeds to grow in cold climates

If you live in cold climatic zones, where summers are short, our recommendation is to choose seeds from Indica and Indica-dominant hybrids, with a fast flowering cycle. Another good option is auto-flowering seeds, which are becoming increasingly popular due to their extremely short growing cycle.

In this way we get the plants ready to harvest before the first frosts, avoiding the spoiling of the buds that are not yet mature. Another important aspect to consider is choosing seed varieties that are particularly resistant to moisture and cold, to prevent the appearance of fungi.

Some of the best varieties of marijuana to grow outdoors in cold climates are

Some of the best varieties of marijuana to grow outdoors in cold climates are

A.M.S (Green House Seeds), Anti Mold Strain is the meaning of its acronym in English. It is a very vigorous plant, native to Switzerland, which has adapted over generations to the humidity and cold continental, acquiring a huge resistance to attack by fungi. Compact in appearance, branched out and sweet in taste, it is very easy to grow. 

Magnum Auto: One of our best bulk autoflowering varieties, the result of a multi hybrid of sativa dominance, is one of the most productive and resistant autoflowering marijuana plants on the market. With a stimulating and creative effect, is a variety to enjoy any time of day, without fear of suffering the “syndrome of the leverage”. On top of that, thanks to its tropical ancestry, it adapts very well to hot climates.

Industrial Plant (Dinafem): without a doubt, one of the best choices for growing both outdoors and indoors. Its Afghan x Thai genetics, make this plant a super monster producer of buds and trichomes in just 45 – 55 days of flowering. If you don’t know it yet, we guarantee that with just one crop, it will become one of your favorite marijuana varieties.

Amnesia Auto: another of our most prestigious bulk varieties. Especially suitable for outdoor, for its rapid flowering and easy cultivation, ensures a good production of buds with musky aroma in just 70 days.

Frisian Dew (Dutch Passion): born in the north of Holland, this plant develops well in hard and humid climates. It is an ideal seed for growers with little experience, very vigorous and fast harvest. Its peculiar leaves, reminiscent of a duck’s foot, make it more difficult to detect in guerrilla crops. A large percentage of adult plants acquire purple tones. Very easy to grow and manicure, this great variety guarantees you a good production, with a minimum effort.

Marijuana varieties to grow outdoors in warm climates

Psychedelic (Sweet Seeds): this is a plant that is particularly resistant to heat and high humidity. Coming from an unknown cross between an American sativa and a Nepalese indica, the result is a sativa-dominant plant, extremely hardy and easy to grow. Its citrus aroma and flavor with touches of wood and coffee, has captivated thousands of growers.

Jamaican Pearl (Sensi Seeds) is a genuinely sativa Jamaican strain, crossed with an Early Skunk, which is perfectly adapted to hot and humid climates.

Chocolate Skunk (00 Seeds): excellent selection of Critical Mass with aroma and taste of chocolate. Its development branched and compact, make it.