What is hemp tea and how to prepare it

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What is hemp tea and how to prepare it

Among the many products that can be made from cannabis there is also the hemp herbal tea, or a herbal tea that can draw its tastes and aromas from our favorite plant!

But is sativa hemp tea legal ? And why do many people search on the Internet for ” herbal hemp effects “? Which hemp leaf tea to use to get the best results

Even today we wanted to tackle this issue with decision, going to carry out a complete study that, we hope, will be useful in being able to improve your knowledge of this topic. Let’s find out together what it is!

Although important steps forward have been made over the years on the knowledge of this topic, thanks also to an Italian legislation that has finally opened in a more confident way towards this sector, there are still many people who are wondering if the herbal tea hemp is legal, and is it safe.

Of course, we can only answer both questions positively!

The herbal tea hemp is in fact a herbal tea that is realized through the Cannabis sativa, a variety of cannabis which is devoid of psychotropic substances, with extremely low levels of THC. We remind you that it is permissible to sell hemp-based products if the THC levels are lower than 0.2% (in some conditions, at 0.6%), and that all the products you find on CBD Express are strictly respectful of this legislation. In short, you will hardly have to worry about the traces of THC in the urine!

Therefore, we are still talking about a herbal tea based on a plant that respects the strict laws of the sector, and that will allow you to obtain all the benefits of the product, without fear of any unwanted effects.

Moreover, it will certainly not escape the most connoisseurs the fact that hemp sativa has long been used for this purpose even before the legislation currently in force, and that the first uses of cannabis sativa grown in our country are traced back to the period of the ancient Romans. (although, then, there was a particularly favorable acceleration in this sense during the medieval era).

With mixed fortunes, hemp crops have continued to spread to the present day, when many farmers have lawfully approached the sector, driven by the growing demand for quality cannabis.

As regards the dietary use of hemp, as occurs on the occasion of the hemp herbal tea, it should be noted how various institutional sources (and among them also a circular from the Ministry of Health) have emphasized its quality in terms of antisatisfactory effects and good amounts of omega 3 fatty acids.

What is hemp herbal tea

But what is hemp herbal tea ? What are we actually going to buy when we buy hemp herbal teas, such as those you can easily find on the market, even online?

The answer is certainly not a mystery. When you buy hemp herbal tea you are buying a preparation that is composed of very small crazy hemp sativa, often and willingly mixed with other components, which can give the herbal tea different aromas, nuances and olfactory references.

Hemp herbal tea: effects

But what are the effects of hemp herbal tea ? Does anyone who takes a sativa hemp-based herbal tea experience some particular effect or is it all limited to the aromatic pleasure of the taster?

In fact, it is useful to recall what we have already elaborated previously. Consuming hemp herbal tea means consuming a herbal tea that is made with a cannabis sativa compound, and therefore has no relevant level of THC.

It follows that there are no rather significant effects on the organism. However, there are all the benefits related to the use of hemp, such as those we have already mentioned not too many lines ago. Furthermore, we remember how for many people the main motivation linked to the consumption of hemp herbal teas is the pleasure of feeling a unique and recognizable vegetable taste in the mouth, which will release all its pleasure, sip after sip.

How to prepare a hemp tea?

But how do you prepare a hemp tea ? Are there any particular indications that should be followed, or can you proceed as with the preparation of any herbal tea?

In reality, between the two orientations, we are much closer to the second than to the first: unless there are particularly specific references on the product packaging to different methods of preparation and tasting, those who want to prepare hemp herbal tea can limit themselves to proceed as in the case of preparing any other herbal tea.

Much depends on the way in which the hemp tea is sold. In most cases you can in fact limit yourself to leaving the filter to infuse for the indicated amount of minutes. If, on the other hand, you have purchased a loose preparation, keep in mind that the correct proportion is to use 1 and a half teaspoons of coffee per single cup of water (about 200 – 220 ml).

As far as the infusion time is concerned, it is usually recommended to leave the filter or the mixture (in the above quantities) immersed for about 5 minutes, in water close to a boiling temperature (90 – 95 degrees).

Here are some pointers to get the best results from your next hemp tea.

With this opportunity, we invite you to take a look at the catalog of hemp herbal tea products and cannabis sativa derivatives that you find on our website, such as these excellent marijuana cookies. It will be the right opportunity to realize how wide the assortment of hemp-based products can be, and how simple and advantageous it is to place an order online.

And if you still have doubts, all you have to do is contact us: it will be our pleasure to talk directly with you about what you can do in order to maximize the benefits you can get from the best hemp herbal tea of your life!

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